Step 13 – Hidden Knowledge


scored for piano, bass, and bassoon

there has been much that has been hidden from us.

Knowledge, wisdom, ancient traditions.

the shamanic teachings of a long time ago.

yes, there is a conspiracy. Hard to believe, but yes, it is there. They represent the dark force, those who elevate themselves to positions of power, and dictate to us how to live. How to work. How to spend our free time.

this knowledge is hidden. The so called esoteric. Things like tarot, astrology, the christian gnostics. Sacred geometry, meditation, geomancy. Lots to explore.

but the flame of knowledge burns bright for the seeker.

step forth into the light, and reclaim your inner power.


the time of Hidden Knowledge is past. The darkness will be exposed. We will live free.

Knowledge is Ours.


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8 Responses to “Step 13 – Hidden Knowledge”

  1. Mariyah Says:

    Lovely as always. Your blog is like a meditation break for me…and your music carries me away…I swear it! I think your message is true…people are getting further and further away from themselves…lost, thrown into the system…we need to break free and find the way back.

  2. theunhappycamper Says:

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. fibi Says:

    So very true.. Everything hides behind veils – Your writing resonates.. And your compositions – just divine.

  4. ichabod Says:

    Hi ggw_bach;

    I like this blog and your music. I wish to thank you for the kind words you passed on to me today.

    There is so much to be learned, is there not? And to be enjoyed.

    Regards 🙂

  5. utopianfragments Says:

    beautiful music. i am really happy to find this place of yours. and thank you very much for putting my space in your blogroll. appreciated.

  6. Molly Says:

    “Knowledge is power got your books go read ’em…” a musician sang that in the last fifteen years, but can’t remember who.

    Knowledge is power got your one-pointed-arrow go sharpen it.

  7. journal88 Says:

    By the way – I like your Blog!

  8. as i am Says:

    “We will live free. ” – this is the ultimate goal of mine too… want to be free from the things that are the sources of the darkness… the fear, worries, prejudices, negative forces of life.

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