Step 12 – Good with People


part of the spiritual experience is coming to terms with the society in which you live. Sometimes this can be quite difficult; one feels changed, different, and it is hard to communicate this experience to others.

but in the end, we are Individuals living in a collective group; associations are paramount.

One skill that is easily developed is empathy; a deep understanding of what someone else is feeling.

Compassion goes hand in hand with Empathy.

as we journey further and further, we recognise our unique differences, but also the Huge Amounts of Common Ground that we have; we can become good with people, and share our experiences.

the joy of spirit shines in us all.

scored for two clarinets and harpsichord.


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11 Responses to “Step 12 – Good with People”

  1. Molly Says:

    Beautiful post. A genuine warmth for other beings outshines other pleasures. it seems to carve us deep.

  2. fibi Says:

    Wonderful.. Truly wonderful.. Your talent is an inspiration..

  3. Renée Says:

    Thank you for your affirming words on my blog!

    I love the photograph, the colors, and the words of your entry. I am happy to have found your blog!

    Love 🙂

  4. Emmett Cooke Says:

    Some really nice cello passages and runs throughout this. Nice phrasing – I’d love to hear some crazy aggitated harpsichord music – something aggressive, but fun

    Great music man 🙂

  5. utopianfragments Says:

    true words. so much in common, so much beautiful diffrances. and be good with people, be good with nature, be good to ourself. no so hard, but brings so much into life.

  6. A Jill of All Trades Says:

    Told you I’d stop by!!

    I’m a music lover as well!!!!

  7. llanera solitaria Says:

    That photograph is an act of grace. Thank you for putting it before my eyes and into my life.

  8. shaaakspsyco Says:

    yeah? where?
    unusual blog!

  9. Doraz Says:

    I appreciate the comments on empathy. I am real big on that! Wish everyone were. Might be less problems in the world!

  10. Elena Says:

    I hate to bring such an elevated idea down to the base level of the political, but this post makes me think of how I truly feel that Obama’s popularity is based on his spirit of trying to find and establish a common ground for people to work from. I feel that he is honest in this goal, and I hope that it becomes the inspiration for peaceful, constructive acts and a spread of compassion in the world. It would be nice for the US to be a source of good in the world for a change.

  11. Esmaa Self Says:

    I’d say an early step to developing true empathy for others is letting go of fear, loosening one’s hold on self. Right, I’m just paraphrasing earlier blog entries, aren’t I ? Heh. 🙂 Must. Get. Fuel. (back after dinner)

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