Step 10 – Future Waves


scored for harpsichord

the Future calls us.

it beckons, as a giant wave of change.

many are expecting something to happen in 2012.

it acts as a focal point.

feel the change.


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6 Responses to “Step 10 – Future Waves”

  1. Marko Says:

    Harpsichord is such a cool sounding instrument – it’s just oozing that special Baroque flair.

    Nice counterpoint in there. 🙂

  2. PeterClothier Says:

    Thanks for checking in on The Buddha Diaries, and for your comment there. Do we need to wait for 2012, though? I hope we can look forward to significant change before then!

  3. bundleocontradictions Says:

    I choose to take this in an optimistic manner. Part of me is hoping for & scared of those changes in 2012. A very lively tune.

  4. Mish Says:

    Aloha. I’ve got my surfboard.

    A very nice jaunty tune.

  5. Renée Says:

    I’m thinking about 2012 as I am sure many others are. I am hoping that it does not mean the destruction of the planet or of humankind. I am hoping that it signifies a vivid change in consciousness….a change for the better.

  6. Mystic Mind Says:

    Bring-on the eschaton! Love the harpsichord peice….

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