Step 1 – Journeys


scored for trumpet, harpsichord, and cello

the journey begins here my friends.  A single footstep into the spiritual realms of ascension, peace, balance, and wisdom.  Blessings to you.


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7 Responses to “Step 1 – Journeys”

  1. Celticangel Says:

    Nice composition!

  2. Renée Says:

    Blessings to you, as well.

  3. Esmaa Self Says:

    I decided to come back here and work my way through the lot. Thanks!

  4. Maureen Canale Says:

    Beginning here… journeys:)

  5. silvercrone Says:

    ahhh- I just found you- and will work my way up to your present step. thanks

  6. DreamScapeGracy Says:

    Wow beautifull music. Love it. Thanks


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    […] quite capture in words. (And for an interesting contemporary experiment in this, check out 100 Musical Footsteps, where blogger and composer ggw_bach is attempting to create 100 musical compositions, each tied to […]

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