Mischievy Gone Wrong



23 Responses to “Mischievy Gone Wrong”

  1. G Says:

    LOL! Boy fail. Cat win.

  2. Mary Says:

    worth a million words … ha ha ha!

  3. Nancy C. , Wilmington, NC Says:

    Big cats are smarter than little boys. Poor little wet thing.

  4. CatLover Says:

    Indeed Nancy, poor little thing got its tail wet before escaping that dumb primate. 😛

  5. Debs Says:

    Why did the adult in the white trainers not take the cat and give the boy a telling off for what he was trying to do? Cute does not make bad behaviour or animal cruelty acceptable.

  6. cat eater Says:

    That is not animal cruelty debs. Don’t be stupid, it is good old fashion fun.

  7. Road Kitty Says:

    Toss the brat in again. Stupid kid, I’d smack his ass if I saw that. lol Too funny

  8. matthew Says:

    ok why does this video even exist?
    1. The adult should have dropped the camera and taken the cat from the child
    2. The people deserve to have thier cat taken away for animal cruelty.
    3. if that was my kid i would beat him for being stupid.

  9. lol@matthew Says:

    matthew: lol, you would beat the kid for being cruel? That’s so ironic.

    Don’t forget the suntan lotion, your neck is looking kinda burned.

  10. Emzerz Says:

    You’re all dumb.

  11. matthew Says:

    I am sorry my neck is burnt. i haven’t fixed the hole in my double wide’s roof from where the pig fell through. I have to go to walmart and pick up some duck tape and a blue tarp.

  12. gillian. Says:

    mischievy is not a word.

  13. duct tape Says:

    neither is duck tape

  14. Lunch Patterson Says:

    Don’t people push eachother in the pool all the time? That’s not cruelty is it? In the end he learned a better lesson then beating the crap out of him would of ever tough him.

  15. Mark Says:

    stupid adults nearby were just going to let him throw that cat in the pool. too bad it didn’t gouge his eyeballs out. idiots

  16. Pam Says:

    yay cat 1 pratt 0

  17. sense Says:

    While I wouldn’t exactly call it animal ABUSE, i’m still a little peeved that the adults were just going to let him throw a cat into a pool or fountain or whatever.

    That being said…


  18. Daniel Says:

    people that say they’d beat the child for being stupid deserve to be beaten themselves. Children don’t know better. That’s what being a child is for. So you learn the common sense that (hopefully) guides you later in life.

    Much better to have the cat teach him. I’m sure he learned the lesson well. And it’s not like the cat was harmed in any way.

    And if you really think this is animal cruelty, you’ve lived a sheltered life.

  19. Marcuss Says:

    I did that when I was a kid. Funny.

  20. Ryan Says:

    I still remember the old days when animal cruelty was when you were cruel to an animal. Now a little boy trying to get a cat wet deserves a severe beat down from his parents. That will teach him!

  21. slobberknocker Says:

    i beat all your asses and the cat to because i am slobberknocker and i can that why

  22. Greg B Says:

    serves that little shit right

  23. OWNED BITCH Says:

    This is an Owned.

    Not a fail.

    Get it right.

    little kids can’t fail, they’d have to succeed first.

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