Food For A Week



5 Responses to “Food For A Week”

  1. @sarisam Says:

    Is it me or the family in the US do not have any fruits & vegetables and spends more on junk food? The other families from other countries spend less and eat better IMO. Cool stuff though 🙂

  2. Bowl of Plenty Says:

    These pictures are from the book “Hungry Planet”.

  3. Cyn61 Says:

    This was very innovative and thought-provoking. I truly enjoyed this!

  4. Linium Says:

    Meh, not all americans are like that. We spend more money on homecooked meals rather than eating out and junk food. We have approximately one bag of chips in the house, lol, which will probably never be eaten.

  5. Canadianeh? Says:

    The point isn’t about HOW the Americans or the other countries at the top eat, its about HOW MUCH, compared to that of the starving in Africa and Egypt and how inexpensive it is to feed them, yet nobody ever does, instead they continue to feed their tiny family of four and then complain about not having a big enough house or cars etc.
    but thank you for the photos. I didn’t realize it was like that in some of the countries listed….

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