Leap of Faith



12 Responses to “Leap of Faith”

  1. Lisa Says:

    This is truly one of the most wonderful blog posts I think I have ever seen. It is marvelous. It makes me want to cry and dance.

  2. kelly Says:

    Kudos to the photographer for sticking around to get the shots! That was great – who took it?

  3. Vic Says:

    Oh that’s just amazing, and you were able to wait for it to happen!

  4. Niglow Says:

    That snail is pro as hell

  5. swapnap Says:

    Amazing…..made me to scroll the snap series up and down couple of times! Loved the way it peeped down to check and then finally stretched its neck to take that leap.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Kjetil Says:

    Good work to notice that 😉 The snail performed good as well 😉

  7. Samuel Wright Says:

    Pretty good pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. SJF Says:

    Silly snail. If it went to the right a bit, it could have crossed over via a step down to a little bridge.

  9. lostinasweater Says:

    They beauty of this is that this kind of thing happens everyday. Lets get out of the office and go watch it for ourselves.

  10. Beth Says:

    The miracles of nature…..beautiful

  11. Raquel Hays Says:

    simply amazing

  12. Rudi Says:

    I think he did it only to prove the photographer he could! since it didnt take long to use the “bridge” next to it!

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