That’s Change



18 Responses to “That’s Change”

  1. Frank J Says:

    So true how remotes made us less mobile.

  2. Zuzanna M Says:

    This shows that too much sitting does not do any good to any of us.
    Watching too much TV was never the best for anyone.
    Very profound and self explanatory drawings about “That’s Change.”

  3. the dude Says:

    This also applies to sitting in front of a computer screen all day…

  4. Scott Says:

    At first I was like, “That’s so true.” – then I was like, NO man…you do NOT own a flat panel TV…but then I was like, “yeah, but I AM heaps fatter than I was in the 90s!”…so then I thought, “oh yeah…that IS change!”

  5. fathima Says:

    haha… that’s what i call fat donation… one gets fatter and the other gets thinner… the new age minimalism is also cute! like how the clutter gives way to space… 🙂

  6. Pan Says:

    Flat screen TV’s are a lot lighter than the dead weight TV’s had back in the 90’s too.

  7. Brandon M. Sergent Says:

    Correlation does not denote causation. We are fat now because of more toxins in our diet and advertising saturation coupled with increased demands on our time.

    As the average work day lengthens so does the time to prepare food ourselves. As the economy declines so to does the opportunity to eat well when eating out.

    American obesity is a complicated subject that many dumbasses over simplify, like the people above, for instance.

    The causes are generally genetic. Some people’s bodies burn muscle almost before fat. And some people have a metabolism so high that they suffer health problems from lack of fat.

    If you have a problem with fat, pretend you’re allergic and try to cut it out of your diet. Read all the labels, and take a look around.

    You fop assholes make me sick. Maybe more people would be fit if they could afford non toxic food and prepare it themselves, but sadly someone has to work so you whiny bitches can stay smug.

    6’5″ 230 here. I own 5 bicycles. I’m not fat. I just know idiots when I see them.

  8. Gippy Says:

    However there are much more causes- yes laziness is one and so is toxins and genetics. I wouldn’t denounce they’re reasons, they aren’t wrong they just aren’t right.

    And I would try to be less tense about they’re mistakes, human instinct is to deny what you don’t know and don’t agree with. It just makes it harder for some one to take you seriously when you call them assholes or idiots.

  9. omin Says:

    What? Genetics are generally the cause? I’m going to have to say you are downright wrong my friend. Very few people actually have genetic problems that are legitimately stopping them from being fit. Yes some people have faster metabolisms, but getting active is all a person needs to do to balance that out.

    I cant address the toxins as i have not researched that enough, but i will admit that overall diets are not helping people live healthy, and the available food in our country is not helping peoples’ diets.

    As to the increased demands on time, that’s just a bad excuse people use. Is there really anything that a person thinks is more important than his health? If anyone just answered yes, and its not the health of a person who he cares for more than himself, then that person has to reevaluate his priorities.

    And getting active starts a little bit at a time. get to work 10 minutes earlier and take the stairs. If you take a train jog to your office, if none of these apply get up 20 minutes earlier and go for a run, once you start something you will get into a habit. if you do something regularly for 30 days it will be harder to not do it then it would be to do it on the 31st.

    Of course none of this is meant to attack anyone personally its all in the interests of debate.

  10. gadfh Says:

    This is proof that CRT monitors provided an excellent workout when moving them.

  11. Packers Movers Delhi Says:

    I cant address the toxins as i have not researched that enough, but i will admit that overall diets are not helping people live healthy, and the available food in our country is not helping peoples’ diets.


  12. Judel Morrforus Foir Says:

    pretty good. pretty good…

  13. Rookie23 Says:

    Ah the perfect Irony of human as technology progresses! 🙂 haha nice pic

  14. CrazyLady Says:

    Some of us have to work so damn much we’re too tired to cook food ourselves. Obviously some posters here have never experienced that.

  15. energy monitoring Says:

    lol funny but often very true.

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  17. Stuart Says:

    Damn you global warming

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