In the Cards



13 Responses to “In the Cards”

  1. Zuzanna M Says:

    I am not much of a card player or a reader. Love the hearts and the numbers – those numbers relate to Numerology… I love this subject!
    The cards represent mystery …:O)

  2. kate smedley Says:

    … interesting photo, says it all!

  3. Shade Law Says:

    Soooooo true 🙂

  4. Rachee' Says:

    Some things ARE pretty simple….

  5. Mick Rogers Says:

    An interesting photo to be sure

  6. Cindy Says:


  7. roentarre Says:

    Great shot there. I like simplicity

  8. JeD Says:

    I really love the photo.. 🙂 Only thing I noticed that the “A” that was altered to be “V” is not quite neat.


    JeD Chan

  9. Steve Says:

    Only an upside down A (Ace) does not make a V.

  10. Mindless Says:

    The modern deck of cards shares ancestry with the Tarot deck(s).

  11. Malcolm Says:

    In addition to the altered Ace, wouldn’t the ‘1’ be on the other side of the ‘0’ in the 10 and thus visible?

  12. Snorski Says:

    I created a version some time ago myself….. the V is a chopped Ace….


  13. Vanilla Gorilla Says:

    The “0” represents a ‘Q’ (Queen) You dildo head…

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