Chimp and Tiger



47 Responses to “Chimp and Tiger”

  1. Penguin Says:

    Just becuase someone will say it… Even though I know its not.

    Photo shopped

    whos going to be the ass to think it is fake?

  2. Shade Law Says:

    Awwwwww very nice

  3. Zuzanna M Says:

    It does not matter who takes care of whom; it is a lot of fun to be friends.
    Animals often show no boundaries in friendship – Adorable pictures. 🙂

  4. Lee Says:


  5. Lee Says:

    I’m making sure I share this with my friends and stumblers.

  6. JeD Says:

    Very nice photo. I really love it! 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    JeD Chan

  7. KimDawn Says:

    so cute.

  8. meatbag Says:

    now I’m just waiting for the seigfreid and roy moment…

  9. Sobia Says:

    this is so amazingly adorable!

  10. mashli design Says:

    I’m working with photoshop for a long time and this is a real photo, and beautiful one

  11. Happy Friday… « Katoque ’s Says:

    […] Happy Friday… I know I’m ready for the weekend.  I just thought these were adorable (via 100 Musical Footsteps)… […]

  12. Ogaga Onowighose Says:

    Ha ha ha……..!!!,very funny!!,like father like son,Strange

  13. kate smedley Says:

    so sweet and adorable!

  14. Albert Says:

    Are you people idiot or what??? This is obviously shopped…Nor you can see by the pixels (that are clearly strange), but everyone knows that this scene is impossible…Two different species can’t share paternal moments like this…So stop enjoying this fake and shopped scene guys…

  15. ester Says:

    i really koved these pictures. you really out done yourself. are you a proffessional?

  16. superphotoshopdude Says:

    it liek totally shooped i worked on photoshop for 5 years now it totaly shoped i can tell by teh pixels

  17. goviccj Says:

    Effects-animation-photoshop-maya-3d effetcs-illustrator-3d maxx.

  18. comon brah Says:

    its def ‘shoped bro! chimps are nothin like humans, even though we share 99% of the same genes, thats impossible!! they cant show affection to a cuddly cat!

  19. Jade Says:

    If it’s shopped then explain these two vids.

    Weirder things have happened in the animal world.

  20. Jono Says:

    The guy said he woudl just say it even though he knew it was not. And just so you know the verb is Photoshoped not Photo shopped (in my opinion)

    And very nice pictures. I wonder if a human behaved in the same way the chimp was behaving towards the tiger if you woudl get the same response of the tiger towards the human.

  21. some anon. guy Says:

    @ Albert

    have you ever owned a pet?? do you know people that own pets???

    is that not “Two different species sharing paternal moments”


    to all the “its shopped, i can tell by the pixels” people… THE WHOLE BLOODY PAGE IS PIXELS!!!!! does that make the whole webpage shopped?

  22. some anon. guy Says:

    oh, while i remember…

    back on topic: awesome photos

    5 stars.

  23. Azrael Says:

    Absolutely charming images! If I’d have “awe-ed” much more I might have wibbled into jelly. Haven’t seen something this cute in ages.

    Pity about the “photoshopped” comments. I guess everyone thinks they are an expert when it comes to fake images – are you all really in such a depressing world where amazing photos can’t be real? You sad people – I feel sorry for you. I agree with “some anon. guy” – you can’t tell if an image is photoshopped just by the pixels. I actually do work with photoshop (I’m a Designer (not an “EXPERT”), but I kinda know a little about PS in my field of work) and you’ll be amazed at what REALLY is and isn’t “shopped”.

  24. Irma Says:

    I feel so sad every time I see a white tiger, now. The truth is that the white coat is a very rare mutation, and that the few we see in zoos etc. today are created by intense interbreeding. Only a small fraction actually make it to be sold; the rest are born so deformed that they are slaughtered at birth. To boot, even the white tigers that are healthy enough to live on often have congenital health problems, like poor eyesight. So, take a good look at this guy; he’s one of the lucky ones, and probably his own grandfather.

  25. cbear Says:

    even though its not photoshopped, even if it was.. just enjoy it.. they are gorgeous pictures weither you think they are real or not.. stop being so miserable and enjoy the beautiful things in life

  26. stakka Says:

    that tiger looks fuckin dead in the first video

  27. Bec Says:

    Amazing. How incredible. Too bad humans aren’t like this all the time. =)

  28. boh Says:

    @Jade: It’s clearly videosopped you idiot. Can’t you tell by all those pixels. Dumbasses you people are.

  29. Not an anon Says:

    By the way guys… “This photo is shopped, I can tell by some of the pixels,” is a meme used on the internet for almost all photo boards. KThanksBye.

  30. Rinku Says:

    Very nice photo. I really love it!

    Thanks so much!

  31. ashleykate Says:

    it is real??? that is so adorable picture! really2 sweet…

  32. Tom Says:

    It won’t be so cute when the tiger gets older and eats the chimp. It will be dinolarious however.

  33. Daniel Says:

    Imagine if this happens in daily activities. Beasts and other animals eat green grass together. This world must be beautiful without anger.

  34. Danny Says:

    I know that this world is going to end this way, peaceful situation. I just know it.

  35. hris Says:

    .. and when the little tiger grows up, the monkey will become its breakfest

  36. alliea Says:

    It reminds me of those really cute old grandfathers and his grandson, Lol.
    I love their facial expressions – it’s like they’re almost human.

  37. CalifDreamer Says:

    Wow, fantastic photos, I love all animals, but these are so cute, and friendly, love the fact that they are playing together… 🙂

  38. Joe Says:

    When the Tiger grows up it will not eat the monkey if raised with it. They aren’t much different than house cats.

    And they are almost human… They are sentient creatures. Perhaps they don’t understand complex things like calculus, but they are sentient nonetheless.

  39. Bob the Plumber Says:

    How can you guys believe this is real?

    1. OBVIOUSLY shopped. The pixels are all wrong
    2. Tigers are not white
    3. Real tigers eat monkeys
    4. Its racist

  40. Teresa Says:

    Aww! That really made me smile

  41. Computers Says:

    Great Pics, thank lol…

  42. Boodgie Says:

    I love the penultimate one,
    they look so human, like friends posing for a photo!

  43. Tiffany Says:

    This is ADORABLE.

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  45. Layne Dantoni Says:

    I keep getting errors when I try to add the blogs RSS feed to my feed reading software. I’m getting really frustrated. Do you know of a tutorial I could look at?

  46. fandy Says:

    good pict, i like it

  47. mispetel Says:

    Reblogged this on Bonnie And Lolly.

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