Peter Levenda on Stormy Weather

sinister forces

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Part one of a two-hour talk with Peter Levenda, author of “Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft.” Subjects discussed include: the overlap between animism and paranoid awareness, the difference between shamanic and mystic worldviews, the resistance of religious control systems to alternate methods of accessing heightened awareness, Wilhelm Reich’s view on mysticism as a tool for political control, MK-ULTRA and covert US intelligence attempts to access the power of the unconscious, the Nazis’ occult ideology of “worldview warfare” and magik as the manipulation of reality, the militarization of language, the creation of new consensuses, reality is whatever the elite can get away with, 9/11 as theater, mass-programming, the war on terror, blood sacrifice as the fuel for god-forms.

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The collective movement from animism to mechanism, alchemy to chemistry, technology takes precedence over the appliance, paranoid schizophrenia as a forerunner of animistic consciousness, blood sacrifice as the means to create god-forms, memes and belief systems, blood as the basis for inorganic beings to build bodies, Vampire gods, blood as the carrier of memory (ancestral DNA) or “soul substance,” the history of the world in a drop of blood, Aleister Crowley, Victor Neuberg, & the Choronzon working, the 11th degree of the OTO, the occult properties of menstrual blood, the male domination of the mysteries, the old seers’ rejection of the female, transvesite shamans and blood-letting (self-piercing) as a means to attain femaleness, women’s natural connection to the divine, gnosis and madness, the crossing of the abyss, Crowley’s “brothers of left and right hand paths,” the politics of insanity, creating a gnostic consensus via the sharing of information.


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