I am Not a Piece of Paper



We have John Harris with us from the website tpuc.org “The People’s United Community”. John recently gave an interesting talk titled “It’s an illusion” on the topics of Law, Legalese, Common Law, Birthright Law, Corporate Law and much more. We’ve invited him to talk about his research, his thoughts and opinions. We begin to discuss 9/11, 7/7 and John’s “wake up” process. We move on to discuss: Law, Law Changes After 9/11, Common Law, Commercial Law, Realization, Natural Connection, Statue, Status, Paper, Birth Certificate, Title, System, Sterling Pound, Their Policy, Money, Brain, Person, Social Dominance, Public and Private Statues, Roman “Civilicus Law”, The Ego, Messiah Complex, Jesus, Lose the of eye’s of the Ego, War, Owning Land, Magna Carta, Admiralty Law, Subject, Police officer, Policeman, Riots in the UK (Summer of discontent).


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