Henrik Palmgren Speaks




After a seemingly endless series of crossed wires and aborted attempts, AK finally connects with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations for a chat about Henrik’s pioneering work in the alternate perceptions community. AK and HP discuss psychology as an invaluable tool within the fields of paranormal research, C.G. Jung and the reality of the psyche, the twilight zone of subjective and “objective” reality, the impossibility of absolute truth in the human realm, reality as an interpretation system or “menu,” the one-time necessity of a predatory ego for survival, the current necessity of dropping the ego to survive, the natural state of human beings pre-egoic consciousness, the building of the megaliths, the storehouse of genetic memory, the collective insanity of history, processing the collective experience of the past through fantasy media, how HP uses psychology to gauge the reliability of information, testing knowledge in an “intuitional field,” doubt as a route to deeper understanding, building a worldview, the pitfalls of fanaticism, the dangers of obsession in conspiracy research and of opening to ideas prematurely, the power of ideas to transform consciousness, HP’s introduction to conspiracy consciousness, occult knowledge as rite of passage, Internet as a species tool for processing the past, HP’s formative years and early fascination for mysteries, 9/11 as wake-up call, the inception of Red Ice, HP’s process of guest selection, sensitive areas for debate, revisionist history, “the conspiracy that none dare name,” the slaying of sacred cows, David Irving and the systematic blackening of World War Two researchers as “Holocaust deniers,” the narrowing of the bandwidth of perception and of permissible thought into white-bread uniformity


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