Fractal Geometry and The Golden Mean


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Dan Winter who’s behind the website joins us to talk about sacred geometry, Fractality, gravity, physics and the science of Alchemy. We begin to talk about Dan’s background. Topics Discussed: Ben Bentoff, Arthur Young, Andrija Puharich, Fractility, Forced, Gravity, Life Force, Grail, Bio Feedback, Plasma Universe, Electrical Universe, Aura, IBM, The Unified Field, Fractality of Gravity, Nassim Haramein, Paul Laviolette, Fractily in Air, Fractily in Water, The GDV Device, Exclusiveness, Inclusiveness, Focused Human Attention, Bioactive Electric Field, Perfect Coherence, Water Purification, Bird Song & Sonic Bloom, Heart Tuner, DNA, Lucid Dreaming, Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Science of Bliss, Memory Though Death, Genetic Engineering, Genetic Diversity, Seeds, Monsanto, Annunaki, Alpha Draconis and much more.


22 Responses to “Fractal Geometry and The Golden Mean”

  1. Michael H Anderson Says:

    I don’t even need to watch the video – your description is enough to let anyone with an IQ over shoe size know that you are a flake. But a beautiful image nonetheless – that’s what brought me here.

    Too bad about the flakery. Conflating science with nutjob bullshit should be a crime – punishable by being put in stocks so intelligent people can pelt you with rotten fruit or aged urine.

  2. Austen Says:

    You have homework to do Michael.

  3. Lee Says:

    and a mouth to wash out

  4. Aha Says:

    Michael H Anderson is mad. No medicine can cure him.

  5. Anon Says:

    I don’t mean to join the bandwagon here, but man, get real. At one point or another many important concept in science were considered radical pseudo science. It took inferential leaps of imagination to discover more of what is actually there, the math and the proof often came later. The majority of Isaac Newton’s work was is “alchemy” and he was ridiculed because he had a hunch that substances could display a sort of attraction and repulsion at the particulate level, does this sound crazy now a days?

  6. Anon Says:

    *was considered alchemy

  7. Luke B Says:

    You should work for the ‘church’ Michael H A…. They like people who resist deviating from the norm.

  8. screamingparrot Says:

    We need to remind Michael H. A, about what almost happened to Archimedes….When he discovered barometric pressure, people called him a witch and almost burned him at the stake…..They though
    “How can he know when it is going to be a rainy day? he is a fraud and must be burned at the stake”
    Its too bad Michael H.A. is so closed minded that he will never be able to evolve…or discover anything because he lives in a closed box.

  9. Fractal Rock Says:

    Congratulations Michael, you are a fuckwit. Maybe if you had have actually pushed the play button, you would realise it’s not a video, its audio playback and interesting at that. Go back to sucking your dog for amusement and leave the IQ stuf to those that deserve an opinion. See you in the stocks. Love and kisses. x

  10. (EP) Says:

    All of this childish banter doesn’t solve anything. You are all disapproving of him NOT “deviating from the norm”, just as he is disapproving of you all for believing all of this.
    Do you see that both parties are doing the same thing?

    “The greatest wisdom is knowing how little we know” -Socrates

    The human race knows next to nothing about the world we live in. It is natural that we try to explain our origins, but we, just as those in the past, are merely inventing and believing the stories that make the most sense to us.

    I believe only what I have experienced personally. I compare it with what others tell me. My brain recollects ideas and experiences, intercompares them, synthesizes them and forms abstract thoughts. Out of all of this comes my worldview, my perspective.

    Every human being is destined to have a different perspective on things.

    Once we have learned this, the exciting adventure of collecting perspectives begins. The more perspective we have, the more ideas and experiences we have to process.

    The beauty of it all is that each and every one of us will interpret each other’s perspectives differently, therefore creating new ideas that perhaps neither party had previously thought of.

    When I was studying ancient history, we would read books by historians from the country of study, followed by books by historians in the countries surrounding/interacting with the country of study. We would then intercompare them, find what correllated and that was what we took as the closest thing to the truth. We could never be sure because we weren’t there. I apply this way of thinking to my everyday life.

    Perhaps instead of spewing profanities at each other, we couldlearn from each other and all be better for it. Let us not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously use our intelligence.

    “A person starts to live when he can live outside himself.” -Albert Einstein

  11. michael Says:

    i am very good
    i like me
    i like the faeries in the woods
    and they like me
    i like the elves
    who live in trees
    i love the sylphie of the breeze
    arrogance is in a land
    where i cant be

  12. Shmuel Yosef Kamman Says:

    I am very glad to know that some people are getting it!
    There is hope.

  13. bird Says:

    dan is the man! love the image… visual ascension!!

  14. keen psychics Says:

    I do believe the amount of sites that make an effort to “grow their supporter base by communication” is usually on the rise. Lots of individuals jumped into developing web-sites and writing without realizing the importance of creating a relationship with their viewers. Like you’ve here, congrats.

  15. AlterEgoTrip Says:

    I really liked the ideas given here, and as a listener of Red Ice radio its one that I obviously missed. This is something I just was talking about because of a program on called “Outsiders” on the topic of people who are “allergic to electricity”

    My husband thinks they are all faking this stuff, but you got to see that one of them is living inside of a metal box, how on earth is he going to heal? And never go out? And there are other people who are also sensitive to “electricity” who move away from the city to where they have no electrical wiring and such and they get better…

    I also mention that the tornadoes seem to be attracted to “metal boxes” for a reason, and I recommended that the young guy in question should move out of the metal box and live in a mud rammed hut instead because he stands a chance of reducing his electrical sensitivities rather than dying from the dead electrical energy inside of the aluminum trailer hut.

  16. krisine Says:

    well fractal geometry really differs from other geometry..

  17. sRock Says:

    very informative. I took a lot of notes. just the information i was looking for.

  18. Jasa Says:

    Wow. An entertaining read of comments from a simple search for graphics!

  19. hazgray Says:

    the post that started all this kept my attention for all of 3 seconds before i was bored beyond tears – bored to aimless staring actually, however, i enjoyed immensely your witty banter! obviously you are a group who reads science fiction and it is refreshing to see your thoughts in print. thanks to all of you.

  20. Sage Says:

    [EP] is very wise, in the literal sense of the term.

  21. Tyler Says:

    I don’t see how this is bullshit. At least its one step in a direction towards the conceptualization of absolute reality- which will be the next catalyst in the evolution of man. Consciousness if the effect and not the cause Troglodytes.

  22. RMT Salander Says:

    The fife sidedness of certain objects in life allows for a structure with an angle: (N-2)*180/N
    (5-2)*180/5=108 degrees
    2 cosine 72 (remaining degrees in right triangle) =0.618 (phi)
    A set of squares growing by this rate will eventually fit exactly around each other, creating a spiral.
    1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 134 etc.
    Each number divided by its predecessor will produce Phi (1.618) and of course its inverse (dividing by the next number in line) will give you phi (0.618).
    Although I can assume electromagnetic and earthmagnetic fields have a certain effect on us, I highly doubt that many of the claims made here can be supported by actual observations.
    It is true that a tree will not grow into an overhanging rock or electrical wire but that does not give rise to a theory for an overlapping ”superstructure” because life has adapted in many diverse ways, not always following exact paths but by being as flexible as possible.
    An old tree can also just die of old age sometimes 😉 , and I never heard of that unit of measurement for that frequency before.
    ”Absolute reality” has been established more or less with relativity (for vacuum surr.) and molecule and atom theory around 1920.
    We should keep refining our definitions of it all now and I believe there are other branches of science that will show more tangible fruit than
    someone who shouts out anything scientific without any names and functional reference.

    rantings of certain ”believers” anyone who shouts anything without any names and functional references

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