Cultivate Your Genius

cultivate your genius

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Explore the 7 essential principles by which Leonardo Da Vinci lived.

Learn how to apply DaVincian principals to increase creativity, cultivate greater awareness and more enjoyment in life. Michael Gelb, Author of “How to Think Like Da Vinci,” “Da Vinci Decoded” and numerous other bestelling books shares the art of thinking clearly and fulfilling one’s potential.

Show overview

Kelly chats to Michael Gelb about his books, which are inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Michael has decoded Leonardo’s seven principles to: curiosity, demonstration (testing), sensuality (awareness of your senses), becoming open to the unknown (spirituality), balancing both sides of the brain, balancing the body and mind, and wholeness: the connection of everything to everything else.

Kelly and Michael discuss each of the seven principles, and explore using Leonardo’s principles in daily life. It’s a fascinating discussion. You will find that you can use the information so that you become more creative, more productive and can live life consciously.


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