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Step 9 – Financial Soundness

December 29, 2008


it is hard to move forwards in life if you are dirt poor. To achieve dreams and ambitions, you need some finances behind you. That is why taking care of the MONEY side of things is so important.

the spiritual path need not be one of poverty; but it can be one of great simplicity. The more material things you commit to, the more the debts you owe. There is a danger in that.

Sound Finances lead to a certain peace of mind; that your body will not be threatened with want or despair; that the rent and expenses will be taken care of.

Sound Finances frees up the mind to concentrate on the Important Things; whatever those things may be.


scored for viola, oboe, piano, and cello.


Step 8 – Loving Kindness

December 27, 2008


Loving Kindness prepares the heart for all good things. It opens us up to the infinite beauty of creation, to the wonders of joy and spirit. It is an open and receptive hand held out.

it begins with oneself. Loving Kindness directed inwards means:

1) forgiving oneself of faults
2) taking care of one’s body, one’s habits, one’s work

then turned outwards to the world, Loving Kindness means embracing people of all faiths, all backgrounds.

Loving Kindness is goodwill, friendliness, and acceptance. Treating others as you would treat yourself.

scored for two flutes and one bassoon.


Step 7 – Honesty

December 24, 2008


scored for organ

the mind is a tricky beast; it often deceives us, leads us astray. It paints the best picture of us, reflects back a righteous, good-acting human being. Are we ever in the wrong? In almost every argument, aren’t we the injured one, the one who has been maligned, insulted – but is this always so?

surely the person on the other side thinks the same thing? that they are in the right?

being honest about motivations and feelings is a lifelong grapple.

see the mind, with all its little intricate tunnels, thought forms that we have built over time.

honesty cuts away, and reveals the inner beauty.



Step 6 – Having Fun

December 21, 2008


sometimes the spiritual path can be portrayed as being a little dour, without joy. But not so! It doesn’t have to be all serious!

having fun, being joyful is very much a part of spiritual growth! it’s seeing the comedy of life, it’s ironies, it’s unfortunate misunderstandings and overlaps; it’s the wry smile of someone who KNOWS.

experience teaches us many things; that there is tragedy, there is downfall – but there is also the Uplift, the rising on the tide of Joy.

Be Happy, and guffaw a little. Laugh out loud to the soundtrack of South Park.

life’s full of mirth.

scored for clarinet, piano, and bassoon.


Step 5 – Wise Compassion

December 18, 2008


scored for 2 trumpets and tuba

sometimes we want to be of help – any way we can. This urge to ‘save the world’, to be the martyr of these times is the natural overflow of love. But the feeling must be tempered. Just like you yourself are responsible for your own life, so too is each other single individual responsible for their life course. To direct others, to interfere even out of good intentions violates the basic principle of free will.

such love much be tempered by the knowledge of wisdom. When these two principles are combined we arrive at a higher form of compassion; one in which empathy is present, but despair is not. There is suffering, to be sure, but such is mortal existence.

wise compassion results in a steady peace of mind, balance.